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Kellie Lakamp said: 

Betty was fantastic and our little Layla is a champion sleeper. We worked as a team, which I loved. We used Betty for 3 months and it was the best investment EVER. We love you, Betty!

Sarah Adams said:

Betty is a caring, professional and trustworthy person and clearly loves what she does. She recently cared for my 3 month old son and helped us get him on a schedule during the day so he could sleep through the night. Betty spent the night with our son to ensure he got on a good nightime sleeping schedule, and she was able to get him sleeping through the night in 3 days!! I highly recommend Betty's services - she was wonderful while working with us and continues to check in to follow up. Thank you Betty!

Adrienne said: 

Elisabete's help was invaluable as were finding our way as first time parents. She was completely dependable and reliable (she was never late) She was excellent Newborn Care for our son! Any family who hires her will be a very lucky family indeed. Thank so much, Adrienne and Jeff

Stephanie said:

Betty is a lovely, professional, knowledgeable woman with a real PASSION for babies and their well-being. It's obvious she loves her work and takes it very seriously, all the while bringing a very positive energy into our home. I felt very comfortable leaving my baby boy in her very capable hands the first night she arrived. We are lucky we found her!I give her my sincerest recommendation to anyone who needs her help! Thanks Stephanie H.

Mary said:

Dear Betty, We have enjoyed you work for us. Thank you for all of your help in making our lives better as new parents. We greatly appreciate all of the excellent care you have given Rose and Stirling. We are going to miss you. Take care Much love, Mary and Mark

Priscilla Levy said:

Thank you so much Betty! After your few days with us, our baby boy slept through the night so did we. You also gave us a schedule to follow during the day that gave us the possibility to make plans for our days. What I alos wanted to thank you for, is that you have been helping us over the phone with all the questions we could have. Thank you so much for everything!

Julia said:

Thanks, Betty, for all of the care you showed our daughter when she was 6-9 weeks old. I highly recommend your services.

Robin said:

Beautiful work with our family. You are the best, Robin, M.Del Rey
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Melissa said:   December 7, 2015 4:33 pm PST
We were so lucky to find Betty! Betty is an absolute gem, and anyone would be lucky to have her in their home helping them with the addition of a new baby. Betty is a consummate professional. She helped with everything, not just taking care of the baby at night. She assisted with nursing/pumping and offered many tips and suggestions, helped trouble shoot new ideas to help our daughter self soothe, and most importantly, got her on such a good schedule that she was sleeping 12 hours straight by 12 weeks old. Our daughter is now 7 months old and hasn't regressed one single day since she was sleep trained (much to the dismay of everyone who promised this wonderful sleeping wouldn't last!). We appreciate all of Betty's wonderful advice and professionalism, and most importantly we appreciate our happy little girl who loves sleep as much as we do. Thank you Betty!

Taylor said:   November 20, 2015 9:31 am PST
We love Betty! She came to help us when we had our new baby girl and she was wonderful. She is loving, energetic, knowledgable and fun! Her confidence helped us to be confident parents and our baby girl was calm under her care. Thanks to Betty and her knowledge, our baby slept 12 hour nights very early on. I would recommend Betty to any parent seeking someone they can trust and learn from. Thanks Betty - for everything! Xo

Michelle Staley said:   November 8, 2014 4:04 pm PST
If you are looking for a nighttime baby nurse, Betty is your girl! We hired Betty to be our baby nurse and right away we fell in love! Betty is very knowledgeable about babies, post partum, and motherhood in general. It can be very overwhelming after you have a baby and its so comforting to be able to take care of your baby during the day and then know at night you can rest and be comfortable because your baby is with Betty! Betty taught me about feeding schedules and sleeping schedules for our daughter, by week 2 we were only feeding twice during the middle of the night, which was so nice to not be getting up every 2 hours! Betty is very responsible, always on time, always available for any questions and always there for needed support! My daughter is 3 months old and Betty and I still talk everyday, she checks on us and always asks how I am doing as well, she became a friend to me and a guide, but she’s like another mother for me too and that’s so nice to have, I know if I need something I can always count on Betty to be there! Another huge advantage is Betty knows how to sleep train, our daughter Presley is now 13 weeks and sleeps through the night from 7pm to 7 am, this is so amazing, we all get a good night sleep every night, there is no fighting at night, or middle of the night issues, it is so peaceful and comforting to know our baby is getting plenty of rest she can continue to grow! Betty is now apart of our family and will be forever! We highly recommend Betty, some other things that were very important to us, Betty is very trustworthy, clean, smart, caring, well educated, and she loves her job its not a job its her passion when she’s with your family she is really there with you, she is in it with you and that’s what makes Betty so special! You are lucky to have her and even more blessed to know her! Happy baby Happy home!

Mia Dowling said:   April 20, 2014 6:34 am PST
Betty is the baby whisperer. She came to help out when our daughter Devon was 2 weeks old. She put Devon on a sleeping and eating schedule, gave us advice on feeding, and was (and still is) a great resource for all things baby. It was such a relief when she arrived each evening! Thank you Betty! ~Mia & Tim

Carly LeVine said:   February 5, 2014 2:30 pm PST
Thank you Betty for everything you did for our family. Thanks to Kellie Lakamp for referring you to us. Mila is an incredible self soothing sleeper and we owe it all to you. We loved having you with us for (omg) almost 5 months. We were spoiled and you will be our first phone call when we are pregnant again. Can't wait to have you come visit the little princess. To all the parents out there.... Betty was the most professional, caring, efficient, and structured newborn care specialist we could have ever come across. A lot of our friends with babies around Mila's age had a lot of trouble getting their babies on routines and teaching them to love sleep. Great sleepers make for great babies which make for happy parents. It was the best investment we ever made and I highly recommend Betty.

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