New baby? Bumblebee Newborn Care can help!

Welcome to the home of Bumblebee Newborn Care, your personal specialist in professionally meeting the needs of newborn infants and families for the past 23 years.

Betty Bourdet, is a Professional Certified Newborn Care Specialist (aka Baby Nurse) and Postpartum Doula with 23 years of experience with babies and families.  Betty received her certification in Newborn Care Specialist because she sees it as a truly magical age and loves helping parents during the Beautiful Journey of Life in order to keep them from feeling overwhelmed and let them experience the joy as they should.
Betty’s personal mission, to each and every client, is to assist in creating a smooth transition for families during the newborn stage with her expertise up until the parents are confident and prepared enough to take over full time care of their happy and healthy baby. Betty takes tremendous pride in working with babies and expresses her enjoyment through a commitment to performing all of her services with the respect, love, and appreciation they truly deserve.

Betty is originally from Brazil but has been living in Los Angeles, California for the last 23 years with her 15 year old son. Contact Betty today to learn and book her services right away!
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